2007年11月26日 星期一

2007/11/26 SiteTag new badge function list


Thanks for your patience. We already added new machines and synchronized the data to the new environment last week. We announce later because we want to have more time for performance tuning and testing, and hope you will be satisfied with the current response time.

During this period, we also enhanced our tag cloud badge:

1) Content appearance

We have two kinds of content appearance:

* User oriented

This is the current orientation - based on frequency of the tags we collected to determine the size of the tags.
Because these tags are used by the users on search engines to access your website, these tags can reflect the user interests and expectations toward your website.

* Site oriented

This is the newly added orientation - based on the number of the articles refer to a certain tag.

If a tag is searched many times, but all focus on the same article, they will be count only once, so this orientation will show the appearance of the website.

For example, if users query "Wii" and "PS3" on the search engines and connect to your website,
- "Wii" are searched 100 times, and pointing to 10 differnt articles,
- "PS3" are searched 100 times, but all pointing to the same article,

In "user oriented" badge, Wii will be the same size as PS3.
In "site oriented" badge, Wii will be bigger than PS3.

Which one is better? We suggest to use "user oriented" badge first to know more about your visitors.
If it differs from the content of your website, then try "site oriented" badge instead.

2) Custom style

Now you can customize the border width, color, the number of tags ... to fit your website style.
Please visit http://sitetag.us/my/badge to get the new badge code, and change the parameters:

extra=user (user oriented)
extra=site (site oriented)
limit=30 (number of the tags)
background_color=FFFFFF (background color. It will be easier to see for round corners)
border_color=999999 (border color)
border_width=4 (border width)
inner_background_color=FFFFCC (inner background color)

Hope you like these new features!



而在這段時間,我們也加強了「標籤雲名片 (Tag Cloud Badge)」的功能:

1) 內容呈現

我們將 Tag Cloud 的內容呈現分為兩種導向:

* 使用者導向



* 網站導向



舉例來說,如果分別在搜尋引擎輸入 Wii 和 PS3,進而連您的網站,
Wii 有 100 次,連到不同十篇文章。
PS3 有 100 次,連到同一篇文章。

在「使用者導向」,Wii 和 PS3 的字級是一樣的。
在「網站導向」,Wii 將大於 PS3 的字級。


2) 自訂樣式

您現在可以自行調整外框粗細、顏色、標籤數量...,以搭配網站的設計。請到 http://sitetag.us/my/badge 重新索取程式碼,再修改裡面的參數,說明如下:

extra=user (使用者導向)
extra=site (網站導向)
limit=30 (標籤的顯示數量)
background_color=FFFFFF (區塊的背景色,若有圓角出現比較看得出差異)
border_color=999999 (邊框顏色)
border_width=4 (邊框寬度)
inner_background_color=FFFFCC (內容的背景色)


2007年11月9日 星期五

2007/11/09 SiteTag Announcement

Sorry! We just launched SiteTag, and suffered from heavy loading. We will add more hardware resources, and release the latest badge after we complete performance tunning. Thanks for your support.

非常抱歉!由於 SiteTag 剛起步,機器設備比較吃緊,造成近日來系統負載加重,我們將儘快增加機器支援,並在效能調校完成後,釋出最新一版的 Badge,敬請支持及愛用!感謝大家~

2007年11月4日 星期日

SiteTag.us startup in 10/2

We launched our site on October 2nd, and accumulated data for weeks. We plan to publish it in English/Chinese, and the web site so far supports three languages.

Here comes the introduction of our web site:

  • is the most precise internal search engine
  • can generate tags for every page
  • knows exactly what users want
SiteTag is a powerful tool site with search and auto-tagging features for webmasters and bloggers. The specialty of this service is that -- it takes the Web 2.0 way to collect keywords used by the users who reach your site, and treat them as tags. When you embeded the code from SiteTag, we will generate tags for every page, and point the tags to the search result pages on SiteTag. So, the webmasters and bloggers can know how users reach your web site.

SiteTag also provides several different badges and let you easily put them on your web site, and the tags in the badge are related to the content of your site and web pages. For example, inline badge will list all the keywords used by users to find this page, and tagcloud badge will let you know the query frequency of the keywords, therefore you can enhance the content for these keywords, do more search engine optimization accordingly, thus your web site will get higher rank in search result page, and more users will visit your web site.

Our goal is to become a pure web 2.0 search engine. The information provided by the users is the most precise search result. The webmasters or bloggers can build the high traffic, high explosure and high ranking web site.

我們網站於 2007年 10 月 2日上線,而上線就支援三種語系(英文、正體中文 和 簡體中文),長期也會持續維護此三種語系的版本。

再下面我們將簡單介紹一下 SiteTag:

  • 最精準的內部網站搜尋引擎
  • 自動產生每個網頁的標籤
  • 明確了解使用者搜尋到網站的資訊需求
SiteTag 是一個具有強力搜尋功能及自動標籤的工具網站,初期主要提供給網站/部落格經營者使用。本服務最優質的特點在於系統完全採用 Web2.0的方式自動抓取網友搜尋到網站/部落格所使用的關鍵字,並且將這些關鍵字設為標籤(Tag),再經過權重調整,網站/部落格經營者可明確得知網友>透過何種資訊需求來到你的網站。

當您嵌入SiteTag程式碼後,網站每一頁會產生此篇文章的標籤 (tag), 而點選標籤會直接連結SiteTag 搜尋頁,並將網頁的標題/標籤秀在頁面上。

SiteTag 也提供多種不同形式的名片( Badge )外掛, 讓你輕易地掛在網站/網頁上, Badge上提供標籤就與你的網站內容習習相關。例如:標籤>列表( inline badge)列出所有使用者找到網站的所有標籤關鍵字。

而標籤雲 (Tag Clouds Badge) 的設計,更讓網站經營者對於標籤關鍵字密度一目了然並察覺使用者的需求,加強某些關鍵字和內容,進行搜尋引擎最佳化(SEO),使文章出現在搜尋引擎裡的排名更高,文章更容易被使用者讀到而讓更多使用者看到您的網站。

SiteTag 打造完全 Web2.0化的搜尋引擎, 網友提供的資訊將是最精準的搜尋結果,經營者透過搜尋引擎最佳化的過程可打造高人氣、高曝光及>高搜尋的網站。